Sunday, 4 December 2016

"Blessed art thou among women ...... Amen"

I was too late today. It was already 10:10 am. I did not get a seat in the church and I saw a lady reading the First Reading. Normally when we go to church, we pray for our personal needs. Students of my age would pray to get good marks in the exam. But today for the first time, I prayed for somebody else. I prayed for her and I prayed for all the pregnant women in this world. Yes, she was pregnant. She was looking more beautiful than I saw her last time. For a second I worried thinking how would my future wife (if I get one) feel when she gets pregnant. Would she be able to bear the pain?
Seriously, woman is the best creator of life. All the roles that a woman plays through her life are very significant' be it a loving daughter, an affectionate sister, a supportive wife, a selfless mother or a mother in law. She is a contributor and nurturer in the family who always needs the love and support of her family members and loved ones which enables her to be the magic wand which empowers her children and society.